Genecoin is a currency and a blockchain platform to track biodiversity supply chain and improve trust in benefit sharing 

Genetic resources

At users can track the use of genetic resources through the biodiversity supply chain

Traditional knowledge

Indians, farmers and local communities can register their traditional knowledge at

R&D results improves trust in scientific data by recording it in the blockchain

Benefit sharing will garantee fair and equitable benefit sharing through smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain


Mauro Rebelo

Scientist and Entrepreneur. Carried out the first scientific crowdfunding in Brazil. Professor of Biophysics at UFRJ and Partner at Bio Bureau Biotechnology. Eisenhower Fellow.

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Bárbara Schorchit

Chemical Engineer to be selected for the Shell Livewire entrepreneurship program. Trained in Business Development by IAG UC Berkeley. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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image of Bernardo Monteiro

Bernardo Monteiro

Attorney at law. Biologist in the past, founded the non-profit ‘DaPesquisa’ to aid research and researchers. Partner at MTK advogados.

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Fabio Gouveia

Molecular Biologist, Bioinformatician, Science Communicator and Scienciometrist. Data Science, Information Technology and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Works for Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

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